Bi fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a great addition to any home. They bring a sense of luxury, as well as a host of other benefits.

Make good use of all that natural light and fresh air

Installing a bi fold door can help bring the great outdoors right into your own home, when the weather is at its best simply and quickly with minimal effort you can open up an entire wall allowing all the benefits of the great outdoors and fresh air throughout your home. Another big benefit is the natural light you can brighten up your home with, open or closed bi-fold doors have very little restriction impacting on all that free natural light.

Easy garden access

Do you have a beautifully landscaped back garden, decking or a balcony why not make it feel like part of the house, giving you unrestricted access between both spaces almost integrating them as one making the best use of the valuable space your home has.

Hardly even know they are there

Unlike sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors take up very little space when open. That’s because the ingenuous way the system works separating the door blades into small enough panels that can be parked in corner, rather than sliding behind another window. This offers the benefit of opening up your wall completely. A sliding patio door will always require another door to slide behind, so even if your wall space is too small for patio doors, bi-fold doors are still an option. You can even have them stack outside if you don’t have space in the room.

Worried about security

Bi-fold doors feature a locking system which is spread over multiple points along the sliding track. This offers a great level of security when compared to other types of doors, which usually only have a single locking point. It is also very easy to upgrade the security on an aluminium bi-fold door. The aluminium itself is incredibly strong and creates a very secure base, without taking any of the high quality hardware into consideration.

Choose your finish

You can choose from a range of designs, styles and colours to perfectly match the rest of your home, whether you want them to blend into the building or stand out for maximum impact. There are also a few options for how the door blades operate, allowing you to choose what best suits the location you require them to be installed.

They can’t help but add value

A professionally installed set of bi-folds always add that little bit of something special to a property giving you a wider sale appeal on your home without compromise. When the weather is good fully-open bi-fold patio doors allow a seamless integration between garden and the interior, and provide free movement in and out of a domestic property. When it’s bad they offer great insulation and have using standard glazing and aluminium a 1.6 – 1.7 U-Value, which is a great standard of thermal efficiency, but with some upgrades these can be made to achieve a greater value, bringing the most effective way of opening up a wall in your home without having to compromise on keeping the inside warm on winter days.